Nov 26

Illuminati Mind Control: The Secret Psychology of Freemasonry: Alchemy, Gnosis, and the Science of the Craft

Illuminati Mind Control
November 26, 2013 1:53 pm
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The Secret Psychology of Freemasonry: Alchemy, Gnosis, and the Science of the Craft

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Masonic ritual contains a veiled secret which points toward a hidden psychological current, inherent in the Western Mystical Tradition. This scarcely perceivable sentient science has manifested throughout the ages within the ancient Gnostic schools, the writings of the great Hermetic philosophers, and the noble art of Freemasonry. These institutions have operated as a means of perpetuating a method of personal typology and perception, which is essential to human interaction. The intrinsic numerological correspondences of Craft ritual contain the keys to perfecting this powerful system of communication and the Self. This seminal work provides a practical framework, through which the student can master his own typology, understand the elements of perception, and utilize vital communication techniques which can unlock the very mysteries of human existence. By employing techniques as diverse as Jungian psychoanalysis, Masonic geometry, and alchemical parable, Porter has formulated a unique and timely tome that is certain to revolutionize the perceptions of contemporary Masonic culture and the means by which we articulate ideas. We can detect deception, influence others, effect positive change, and synthesize a unique cognitive vernacular, specifically crafted to convey the most profound Masonic truths.

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