Your Eye

Here is another logo with the always cool Illuminati Eye in it. It’s from the people at who obviously have their own agenda. It’s still a nice use of the symbol.

= = =

 Here is an image from Mr.Magix. 
I particularly appreciate the creativity of the Escher-like triangle.
Good Job!

Here is one from David Jones.

Thank you for every single E-mail you sent me, pro.

This photo was submitted to me as part of the Illuminati Eye Photo collection. Thank you Aaron!

As I hope you can see the “eye” is in the clouds and foretells of great and blinding darkness where the crawling fears and many legged trepidations of this life are for a moment obscured by bright and brainless beacon.
It is at that time when all will be able to see how I will begin to execute my special plan for this world.

This little project is simply me collecting people making “The Illuminati Eye” image.

Here is another Illuminati Eye  taken from the  CD cover of Yngwie Malmsteen

Here is the Illuminati Eye of “Rodans:

Here is the Illuminati Eye sent to me by WarLord.

When he sent it he noted that the white ring round the eyes is the West-african Symbol for:
Medicine Man.

This is one I made after learning to make animated GIFs:

Here is my eye:

I found this next one on the blog by a very funny guy who read my article on how to join the Illuminati.

This one if from “Deena”
The Dollar Bill

Lady Gaga… of course

Lucky S.

KJ325 sent this awesome one:

Send me your Illuminati Eye Photo and I’ll post it here.

Dantalion Jones

PS, A simple way to do the photo and still remain anonymous is to make the triangle with your hands thus:

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