“Control My Mind”

“I want my mind controlled.”  

“Find someone to control my mind.” 

These are search terms that people have used to find my web site.

Yes, there are people who really get into being dominated and controlled. These rare people LOVE the idea of being put into hypnosis and turned into obedient automatons.

So if someone has a need who am I do not try to fill it?
So, I put up this page for people who want their minds controlled.

Let me say first that I am not one of those totally bizarre Dominance and submission (D/s) people who view “mutual power exchange” as a fetish.  That’s not me.

I simply have a skill to hypnotize and a serious curiosity about what can be done in hypnosis so I’m looking for people who won’t mind being a test subject.



Go to my contact page and tell me EVERYTHING about yourself.  We’ll start there.


Dantalion Jones


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