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Hello. My name is Dantalion Jones, Lecturer, Trainer, hypnotist and Author of “Mind Control Language Patterns”, “Perfected Mind Control” and a bunch of other books and products.

What you should know about me is that there are two kinds of people. You and I are the other kind.

If you want to read about the books I’ve written go to http://www.DantalionJones.com.

I get asked a lot how I got into the whole area of mind control so I’ll just tell you.

My first exposure was watching the hypnotist at the county fair. I was probably no older than ten but he really made an impact on me how he could cause people to do crazy and outrageous things. All I knew at the time was that he knew something that I didn’t so I set out to learn.

That lead to a world of study that has never ceased. I’ve done hypnosis and NLP to help people and also just to see what’s possible. I’ve also written more than a few books in the process.

The journey began with a desire to know how to influence, seduce and persuade people to bend to my Will but that interest has faded. Now, my interest is in knowing how to make life more fun, interesting and worth while. The tools seem to be the same I’m just applying them differently.

Another question people ask is why I don’t post my face. Am I ugly? Do I have something to be ashamed of? No, I’m not (that) ugly and No, I don’t do it out of fear or shame. I love the power of a mystery and it’s ability to alter the conscious processes. I want to do what I can to embody that. I’m sure that if you search hard enough you can find out everything about me, but, so what? What I say is more important than who I am. The fact is what I look like is never as important as the message I want to convey, so I hope you’ll read what I write and allow it to have an impact.

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Dantalion Jones - A Mortal God

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